Would you like to bypass geographical blocks?

How to circumvent Internet blocks

Would you like for example the NPO uitzending gemist app use on holiday, it is necessary that the VPN service has at least 1 server in Netherlands you can use.

When you connect through a server in for example Italy, visit websites that you think that you’re in Italy. This way you can see in this example, so content only in Italy can be viewed.

Another reason to choose a server in Germany, for example, is because you often works in Germany. The closer to the server that allows you to setup the VPN connection the faster the internet in the rule works.

There is support for your device

Assuming you want to connect your various devices via a VPN connection to the internet is the thing that good client available for concerning operating system. Fortunately, most VPN services good software for both Apple devices, Android devices, Windows devices and some even for linux operating systems.

In the reviews and descriptions of the different vpn service on aforementioned website you can easily see what operating systems the different vpn services for a client. For instance, you can see that ExpressVPN support for most used devices.

The encryption is strong enough

There are several ways to encrypt data traffic over a VPN connection. It used the default PPTP, but this turned out to be still unsafe. It is therefore advisable not to choose for a PPTP connection.

If you want really good your data is encrypted then choose a service that in any case openvpn supported. The ciphers that come with this protocol are all very safe.

Free or paid VPN service

Last time, the free VPN that Opera browser available quite some attention. In addition, there are other “free” vpn services, Hola for example.

The big problem with many free services on the internet is that you know, or better: your data, the product then.
In the case of the free VPN solution of Opera we also have our reservations. So is the owner thereof in Chinese hands. This means that the Government, when they want, all the data of users in can ask for.

Also at another free VPN service: Hola, it turned out that that was not totally free free. When you use made of Hola Hola your connection was used by other users to connect to the Internet.

We therefore advise to purchase a paid VPN service if you plan to use a VPN connection. We cannot guarantee that this always integer with your data but they have less reason to exploit your data as there already you earned.

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