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The Instagram was born as a simple application of sharing, but he managed to win larger proportions than many imagined. The success of the app is a portrait of modern society, which combines social networking, and a shift towards more visual media. Eyeing the potential of the service, Facebook decided to pay $ 1 billion to acquire it and become a tool that would become essential for many celebrities, politicians, merchants and even some high-level companies. Currently, more than 400 million people use the Instagram worldwide – mark achieved by the service in September 2015. In Brazil, are 29 million active users per month (7.25% of the total of Brazilian Internet users).

With so many people interested in consuming pictures and visual content they consider relevant (or just beautiful), it’s no wonder that people are eyeing the money that this platform can yield. The American model Kendall Jenner, for example, already receives between $ 125 1000 and $ 300 1000 for a post in the social network. For this, she uses her image to promote beauty products, brands of clothes and shoes, among other things, in your profile of Instagram, which already has more than 46 million followers. In Brazil, a major (and controversial) example of success in monetization of social networks is the fitness blogger Gabriela Pugliesi.

With about 2 million of followers just on Instagram, the girl gets around of R$ 8 1000 per post in your profile on the site, according to information from the newspaper the Day. But if you are not a subcelebridade cheap instagram followers which drags crowds on social networks, there are also ways to monetize your account on Instagram. You can use your passions, hobbies and expertise to create an account on the platform and make money by following some valuable tips. The foundations below not only will help you understand how to increase your number of followers, but also show how you can attract small businesses and brands that want to advertise through your account.

It may seem like something very basic, but you need to be aware of for time to configure the main aspects of your account on Instagram for emphasis, especially on security. Here are some important tips: new email address: to create an account hacker proof, you need to create a new e-mail address that nobody knows. You don’t need to even list it in his biography, because this is a way to be hacked.

Create a strong password and only to the email and do not use it for anything else, except for the initial setup of your profile on Instagram. Phone number: your second level of protection from hackers is adding a phone number to stay linked to their account of Instagram. This adds a new layer of security, if you lose your password or is hacked, that usually happens when users try to buy cheap instagram followers from websites that ask them to download some app that later hijacks their personal account password. Linked account to Facebook: your final protection level is to connect your Facebook account to Instagram. If you forget your account or is hacked, it allows you to log in and reset your password using your Facebook credentials. For this reason, it is important that the registration emails and passwords for social networks are different.

Bio: the biography is the chance to sell yourself, your business and attract new followers. You need to make a good first impression right off the bat, because potential followers will only spend a few seconds evaluating if your profile is worth to be followed or not. Profile picture: keep your avatar as simple as possible, with little or no text. If you need to use letters to abbreviate the name of the page, use a clean and simple source. Add a link to your bio: this is the only space where the Instagram allows the addition of a URL clickable, so use it to your advantage. Take advantage of URL shortening services such as, to avoid very long links. Public X private account account: If you intend to make money with your profile on Instagram, keep it public. There is nothing more discouraging to potential followers than get on your page and come across with a padlock.

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